Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Big Snow February 2009

Our first big snowstorm of 2009 hit a few weeks ago and I actually took the day off because I could not get out of our neighborhood. So as I started to shovel the snow Lily and Katrina came out and started playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at me and Jeter. Our neighbors daughter came out Emma and her and Lily had a blast in the snow. Luckily Lily did not get sick...

Christmas 2008

Here are some pictures from Christmas this year, Katrina and Lily made some cookies for Santa and left him Soda and Milk. Lily got her first Tiffany necklace, ssshh it's not really a Tiffany necklace. We wrapped a silver heart necklace in the box that mommy got when she got her Tiffany necklace. Lily for the past year has been saying she wanted one. Lily loved spending time with her cousins and enjoyed all her gifts and dances like a freek with her Broby doll.