Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1st Snow 2010

First snow of the new year and all Lily wanted to do was throw and eat the snow. I had to warn her not to eat the yellow snow...

Xmas 2009 Continued

Lily got a new pink guitar from PaPaw and she loves playing it, as you can see uncle Marty did too. Mary Ann got us this really cool blanket with a variety of pictures on it.

Homan Xmas 2009

Another year down and Lily still wanted nothing but dolls for Christmas. We all made out actually, Kat got her Tiffany and Mac and I got a flat screen.

David & Meaghans Wedding

As you can see Lily had a blast at the wedding, she loved her dress and dancing. As the night went on, her and Little Jimmy entertained uncle Marty and the guys at the bar area. Here is a funny story, her uncle Marty gave Lily $20 and told her she can buy whatever she wanted. But along came the money dance for David and we tried to persuade Lily to use her $20 to dance with David but she did not. Well later that night Samantha (Dougs Wife) asked Lily what she was going to do with the $20 and Lily said "Well I am not going to pay to dance with David." Gotta Love her.