Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ava's Birthday 2010

Ava's 5th birthday party was just a few days later than Ava's and at a different indoor kids play zone. It was actually pretty cool and the staff was great. Here is Lily with her Friend Lily S and Jude.

Leaha's Birthday 2010

This is Lily's friend Leaha's 5th birthday at the Nation Pizza Kitchen, it used to be a grocery store but now it is like a huge kids zone with go-cart, bumper cars, min-golf with black light and arcade games with all you can eat buffet.

School Trip to the Zoo

Lily's school went to the Indy Zoo in January, don't know who is on the planning committee but sending kids to the zoo in the dead of winter is not a good idea. Oh well, Lily had a blast. Her friend Leaha is in the purple jacket and Jude is sitting next to her in the dolphin show.