Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Zoo Day

Mommy and Lily got to head to the zoo today and play around while I was hard at work. Of course Lily suckered us into another doll, this time "Fuzzy the Bear" and she rode the merri-go-round all by herself.

Mothers Day 2009

Went to Lowes for a kids craft hour where they got to build a small planter for Mother's Day. Then we headed down south for a small reunion, lily just loves her uncle Roscoe.

Bowling Night

Lily had been wanting to go bowling for a while since the last time she went. And of course Daddy beat everybody, but Lily almost got her first strike.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Arrives 2009

Spring finally arrived and Lily could not wait to wear her dress to the zoo. I had a half day at work so it worked out perfect to head to the zoo after lunch. Of course Lily talked her way into getting another Nemo fish.

Easter Hunt

It's a safe bet that Lily loves the Easter bunny after what he brought her. We had a quite Easter here. It was still a little chilly and Kat made a huge Easter dinner with ham and everything.