Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Pool 2010

You know it is Indy 500 time when the heat and humidity are here. 5 straight days of 80 degree weather and you know it's time for Lily to go in her pool.

Park Fun

It was a nice day and we all decided to head over to the park for a little fun.

Pre-School Grad

Since Lily graduated Pre-School we thought it would be fun to celebrate with her. So our first stop was to go see Shrek 4 then we headed over to Incredible Pizza Company for food and entertainment.

Yankee Minor League Game

Since Lily is now out of school part of our mini vacation we had planned was to take her to her first baseball game. And it just so happened that the Yankees AAA minor league team was in town. Lily had fun and the usher was great, by the 3rd inning we were right behind the Yankees dugout.

Last Day of Pre-School

Lily's Last day of pre-school, the year went by so fast. Kat got to go and spend a day at school and watched as they let their butterflies go free.

My Best Friend Jeter

Lily having quality time with her dog Jeter.